• James has helped me become a better leader by understanding myself and the people I work with in greater depth.

    His energy to want to help and his expertise in using the Insights tool has allowed me to recognise the unique difference that a diverse group of people can make.

    James had been pivotal in getting 1% more out of everyone which has been more effective than trying to get 100% more out of me!

    Joe Gosney

    Channel Operations Director
  • He is smart, intuitive, passionate, compassionate, and has a real knack for getting to the heart of issues … be they specific business challenges, coaching situations or larger organisational changes. He always sets the bar high and holds it; yet is also pragmatic (based on his own “real” experience) of what works and what doesn’t in commercial environments- James loves to see real changes rather than deploy theory and knows the real value of culture in an organisation in making change happen. This strong blend of skills and characteristics means he commands respect regardless of level or department. He is equally comfortable and effective when he is coaching/supporting an entry level NAM or a Sales/Marketing Director – he always gives 100%. I always look forward to my interactions with James – be they a quick natter over a coffee or working with him on multi-day development programmes. He is highly recommended!

    Trystan Farnworth

    Commercial Director
  • James is a delight to work with. The three things that stand out for me are:-
    – He sees the big picture. James works hard to understand the context and desired outcomes of any project/ task and ensures the solution he champions will deliver the best results for the organisation. He’ll do the “right thing” over the “easiest” or “quickest thing” every time.
    – He gets people. He is passionate about and genuinely interested in understanding what makes people tick. This makes him a really effective influencer and coach, as well as being a great guy to work with!
    – Brilliant attitude. Dedicated, committed, considered and passionate with a thirst for learning/ self development. James constantly seeks to learn, to improve both himself and others, and is generous in adding value. 

    Caroline Mabon

    Client Director
  • James has a terrific blend of drive, determination and desire to develop others. A truly authentic leader with a pedigree in commercial and an impressive track record in learning, development and coaching. James has cultivated his career to provoke change in tough commercial environments and with senior leaders to deliver tangible results. On top of this James is a genuinely great guy who I am proud to have worked with since 2012.

    Steven Edney

    Owner Expression for Growth
  • James is a committed professional with a huge passion for driving skills improvement and team development. James worked with me on developing a programme for my team that was focused around a significant change event, some new skills were required but overall a whole new way of working and thinking. James was collaborative, seeking feedback at every stage and open to coaching more senior managers. His passion and energy for the change and for self-development was infectious and James was always willing to help even when outside his remit. A strong people and sales skillset and an asset to any organisation, a real pleasure to work alongside.

    Ian Forshew

    Commercial Director
  • James is a unique individual. He has an extremely powerful turn of phrase. His ability to understand the core challenges and solutions to any individuals situation is outstanding. I have had the pleasure of having James as a coach at Britvic and he has had a genuine and tangible impact on my career. His authenticity and honest approach have been so significant that I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an effective and significant asset to any organisation.

    Tom Fiennes

    GB Programme Director
  • James really helped in my transition from a senior manager role into my first Director position. He also supported me in transforming my team engagement scores, achieving one of the highest Great Place to Work scores in the business. He also worked with the whole team, supporting us in setting our vision, winning behaviours and step-changed our working relationships. I’d strongly recommend James as a coach or team development partner.

    Colin Falconer

    Account Director
  • James is a great business coach. He knows his stuff and really gets to the bottom of the issue. What differentiates James is that he has extensive commercial experience to call upon in his training role, enabling him to both relate to the challenges people face implementing personal development and to offer a pragmatic and sensible approach.  He is also relentless in finding the optimal solution and never gives up. I have no hesitation recommending him.

    Steve Nightingale

    Director of Investor Relations
  • James was a valued part of the senior management team in our Talent Function and I was inspired by his leadership of big people initiatives, including Leadership Development, Transforming Teams and Talent Development. James brings a fantastic mix of capability – first seeing the big picture, engaging with senior stakeholders, developing amazing solutions and then delivering them with rigour, inspiration and value to the commercial results of the business or team he’s working with.

    Shaun O’Hara

    Portfolio HR Director