Executive Coaching:

We all know that the level of support decreases and the pressure to deliver increases, the higher you get in an organisation; but we’re still human, right?  ICS specialises in helping executives to deliver when the pressure is on, because we’ve been there.  We find the optimal balance of challenge & support to ensure you succeed and flourish.

Transition Coaching:

Making a smooth, fast & successful transition into a new role or organisation can be one of the toughest times of your career.  We have extensive experience in giving leaders the right structure and support to help them to start delivering at pace.  We’ll raise your level of self-awareness and identify the areas that will cause you the greatest challenge and then support you each step of the way.

Transforming Teams:

It’s often difficult to see the barriers to high-performance in your team, because you are too close.  At ICS we are specialists in helping leaders to gain real clarity on what’s going well and where needs to be improved in teams, by building quick and strong relationships with your people.  We then work with you end-to-end on the diagnostics, design, delivery and embedding of the solutions, to ensure your team operates consistently at genuinely high-performance, and with a smile on their faces.