We’re a business that’s obsessed with delivering the change you desire, whether it is step-changing your personal effectiveness or transforming the performance of your team, we won’t rest until the results are visible for all to see. We form genuine business partnerships to ensure we really understand your business, the root causes of your challenges and the optimal opportunities for transformation.

We’re progressive, dynamic and flexible, a combination we know will unlock the potential in both you and your team.


What We Do

  • Executive Coaching

  • Transition Coaching

  • Transforming Teams

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What We Stand For

  • It’s All About Outcomes

    We believe that you shouldn’t start anything until you’ve spent time getting really clear on what you’re ultimately working towards.  And the job isn’t done until we collectively get there.

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  • Together We’re Stronger

    None of us are truly successful on our own.  We believe in partnering with our clients and holding each other to account to deliver the change we’re committed to.

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  • Whistle While We Work

    We recognise that ultimately there’s a commercial end to what we do, but we also understand that we’re more successful when we’re enjoying what we’re doing.  We’re committed to delivering with a smile and ensuring it’s fun for us and those we’re working with.

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  • Relationships AND Results

    We’re clear that it’s not a choice between relationships ‘or’ results – it’s an ‘and’.  The bigger the relationships, the bigger the result, that’s why building fantastic intact and cross-functional relationships are at the centre of everything we do.

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What clients are saying

  • James has helped me become a better leader by understanding myself and the people I work with in greater depth.

    His energy to want to help and his expertise in using the Insights tool has allowed me to recognise the unique difference that a diverse group of people can make.

    James had been pivotal in getting 1% more out of everyone which has been more effective than trying to get 100% more out of me!

    Joe Gosney
    Channel Operations Director
  • He is smart, intuitive, passionate, compassionate, and has a real knack for getting to the heart of issues … be they specific business challenges, coaching situations or larger organisational changes. He always sets the bar high and holds it; yet is also pragmatic (based on his own “real” experience) of what works and what doesn’t in commercial environments- James loves to see real changes rather than deploy theory and knows the real value of culture in an organisation in making change happen. This strong blend of skills and characteristics means he commands respect regardless of level or department. He is equally comfortable and effective when he is coaching/supporting an entry level NAM or a Sales/Marketing Director – he always gives 100%. I always look forward to my interactions with James – be they a quick natter over a coffee or working with him on multi-day development programmes. He is highly recommended!

    Trystan Farnworth
    Commercial Director
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