Intro to ICS

We’re obsessed with collaboration, helping leaders and teams to achieve their absolute collective best, by understanding each other, playing in position & harnessing their combined experience & skill-set of the full organisation. We’re not necessarily all natural collaborators, but everyone at ICS is connected by our remarkable learnings in leadership roles, where collaborative leadership has delivered surprising and exceptional results – so much so that we’ve dedicated our lives to sharing our learnings & experiences with others.

Where we play

We’re a small, boutique coaching & consultancy business (and we choose to stay that way), we specialise in getting people working optimally together, to deliver outstanding results. Between us we have over a hundred years of leadership experience, and deliver solutions across all functions & in all sectors, but with a bias towards commercial teams in FMCG. We also operate at all levels, but typically Exec, or 1-2 levels below Exec.

What we bring

We all have a unique combination of Sales, Marketing & HR experience, and are practitioners in Insights Discovery. We’re adamant that we are not L&D, we are Coaches, Mentors & most importantly Facilitators, supporting leaders or teams & passing on our knowledge, processes & tools. We have so much in common, but also revel in our diversity of backgrounds, experience, preferences & skill sets.

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