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The Formula for incredible interactions

Frustrated with meetings?

Meetings are an unavoidable necessity to business success, not many of us would disagree with that. However, research highlights that very few businesses make a habit of running effective meetings. In fact Harvard Business Review suggests that although leaders spend on average 23 hours a week in meetings, that over half (54%) of those meetings are too frequent, poorly timed and badly run.

Majestic Meetings​ helps with these challenges

Too much of your time spent in internal meetings?

Not connecting effectively with the team?

Sub-optimal cross-functional relationships?

Meetings have a lack of clear purpose/focus?

Slow or ineffective decision making?

Buck the trend!

In fact, a study by Google suggests that a little under half (47%) of meetings are seen as a waste of time by attendees, and that almost two-fifths (39%) of us have actually dozed off in a business meeting! Meetings that are well thought through, designed & facilitated effectively are incredible – why compromise? At ICS, we’ve spent the last two years researching the formula for perfect meetings, as well as the most common          mistakes businesses make in relation to executing meetings.

Free yourself!

We’ve developed MAJESTIC MEETINGS to help you identify which meetings are adding value & which lack purpose, scope & leadership, to help you drive the optimal efficiency & effectiveness from time spent with peers or cross-functional colleagues. We’ll help you pre-empt & manage conflict, as well as reaching high-quality decisions at pace.

"Working with James was an absolute pleasure. Professionally James is the best coach I have come across, he has a fantastic way of drawing out of you the problems and helping you get to solutions. He really listens and understands which is a fantastic quality, not only this but on a personal front he's great to be around 121 or in a team setting. From what I saw I know he would be a major asset to any organisation who wants to build a development people or teams."

Chris - Client Development Director - Acosta

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