Fabulous Facilitation

Inspiring Higher Thinking & Getting Business Unstuck

Great facilitation is critical

The importance of our ability to collaborate as leaders continues to increase, as does the pace of change, and with it, the critical skill of effective facilitation. Brilliant facilitation is learned and can therefore be developed. Whether you want to improve the facilitation skills of your people, or are looking for experienced and skilled facilitators to step you through a simple & effective process, ICS can help.

Fabulous Facilitation​ helps with these challenges

Feel like you're not getting the best out of your team?

Slow/ineffective decision making?

Low levels or fresh thinking/creativity?

Imbalanced input across the team?

An external lens

It can be difficult to facilitate certain challenges internally, due to being too close to the situation, or by having too much skin in the game, and that’s where we can help. Great facilitators don’t necessarily need sector or functional experience to guide a group to success – whether it be a creative solution or fixing a seemingly unfixable issue.

Dynamic output every time!

All our consultants are experienced & qualified facilitators, equipped to build the capability of your team, or to step you through the FABULOUS FACILITATION process & tool-kit. Say ‘Hello’ to outstanding outcomes!

"James brings a real energy to his work and has always demonstrated a 'can-do' attitude to find creative and progressive learning solutions. He has the benefit of signifcant customer facing experience which results in a tangible and pragmatic approach to 'what's possible' whilst taking on board the best lessons presented by current theory and best practice."

Mark Jones - Commercial Director - Upbeat Drinks

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