Meet the team

James Powys

James has a unique skill-set which allows him to work with clients on a complete end-to-end solution.  He understands their world and how to make a difference using a high-quality set of diagnostic tools that enable clients to go way beyond their current assessment of the issues. He also has an obsessive focus on the required change, partnering with clients until the outcome is achieved.

James could be called one of life’s natural go-getters, as he possesses enthusiasm, vision, objectivity and accountability.  He is competitive, ambitious and seeks to win. He is good at easing tense situations by getting conflicting parties together to take the sting from the issue. He has high energy and is always striking out in a forward direction. He follows his impulses, moving strongly towards his goal. James is seen as a natural leader with a hearty and frank style, who tends to take charge of any situation in which he finds himself.  Gifted with clarity of thought and articulation, James is an excellent communicator and presenter.

Phil Sedwill

Phil spend most of his career to date working in FMCG where he built a career in sales directorship, before finding a passion for strategic change management. He now uses the experiences and skills he picked up along the way to help leaders reach their potential by developing their influencing skills, judgement, strategic focus and results delivery.

His philosophy is simple: smart, successful and sustainable organisations know that competitive advantage comes from finding the right balance of investment in their people as well as their propositions – and that starts by building great teams from the top downwards. There are hundreds of self-help books on Leadership with thousands of useful pieces of advice but in the fast-paced world we live in today it’s real-time support and tailored solutions that are truly valuable.

Caroline Mabon

Caroline is an inspirer, collaborator, enabler and a future trends enthusiast with a mission to inspire and support people, teams and businesses to achieve their potential and love what they do! 
Her 20 years + experience ranges from Corporate (Mars) to SME where she has worked on a variety of customer facing and leadership on both client side and agency side.

Whilst she is customer obsessed, she firmly believes a compelling vision combined with an engaged team, are an organisation’s most important assets and the key to delivering exceptional client experience and commercial results. 

Caroline has a natural flair for bringing people together and creating highly energised and motivated teams. She is insightful, warm, a great listener and an expansive thinker who takes others on the journey with her. She gains great pleasure from building strong and lasting partnerships where your goals become her passion.

Paul Jocelyn

Paul has over than twenty-five years corporate leadership experience in operations, transformation programmes and learning and development in the UK and internationally. In all of these roles he’s recruited, led and coached teams, developed strategy and helped make good things happen. He’s managed, planned and re-planned, led and been led through more business change than you can imagine!

Most importantly, he’s always been curious about how to make things better through people. He’s been lucky enough to be part of some brilliant high-performing teams and cultures and he’s understood what works and why. He’s learned from all of it (good and bad) along the way. And now he helps businesses and leaders to do the same.
He’s a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, an organisation committed to raising the profile and effectiveness of workplace learning globally, as well as being an LPI accredited Performance Consultant.

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