Exceptional Executives

Ensuring Executive Team Focus & Flow

It starts with you

Your Executive team is arguably the most critical team in the organisation, and certainly the impact of how the top table show up (individually as well as collectively), has a significant impact on the culture of the business (even if we don’t necessarily want to admit it – you set the tone for business behaviour & mind set).

Exceptional Executives​ helps with these challenges

Too much or too little Exec Team challenge/conflict?

Sub-optimal Exec member relationships impacting team effectiveness?

Too little diversity impacting conversation/effective decision making?

Poor organisational engagement results?

Low levels of Exec trust?

It's not always easy!

Life in Executive teams is not easy, having significant responsibility, an increasing pressure for change & clear direction, as well as working with differing/opposing perspectives & personalities. Couple that with trying to find your optimal balance of loyalty between your functional team and the Executive team, it can be a bit of a minefield. These factors often lead to conflict within Executive teams, where even the slightest relationship issues can have a significant impact on future business success.

Create an Exec that inspires the business!

The other top two most common challenges we’ve identified, are lack of alignment to an over-arching team goal, and a genuine lack of focus/prioritisation. To minimise the risk of the above & to optimise the focus & flow of leadership teams, we’ve developed EXCEPTIONAL EXECUTIVES. Helping leaders to increase their awareness of self & others & setting the optimal foundation & culture for the organisation.

"James is a proactive and brilliant business mentor and coach! He came in as an outsider, listened and has now changed the way our Exec Team works. We're far more productive and efficient. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Olly Fisher - Managing Director - Repeat Digital

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