I worked with James during my time as Sales Director at Britvic and had no hesitation in reaching out to him to help me out at Forticrete. I’m an experienced Sales Director and enjoyed genuine success at our sister company, Supreme Concrete, but when I was invited to assume responsibility for the Commercial Team at Forticrete, it was clear (based on capacity) that I would need some help.

I inherited a team with legacy challenges and the brief was to implement positive change at pace. Knowing that some of James’s greatest strengths are grasping a situation quickly and creating creative, yet pragmatic solutions I made contact.

James has created some fantastic diagnostic tools, that quickly get to the root cause of issues and those coupled with his ability to build rapport and trust quickly, enabled us to understand what was working well, but what needed to change.

We undertook a behavioural profile tool called Insights Discovery, which enabled us to get to know each other really quickly. It helped us to increase awareness of what we each individually bring to the team, as well as the shape/dynamic of the collective team & the challenges we may face.

Through sharing the results of the diagnostics with the team, I noticed that the team felt listened to and that they could see that the developmental team journey we were embarking on was one that they had requested. This ensured that they were engaged and had high participation all the way through.

He introduced us to a simple model that allowed us to consciously involve the team as much as was appropriate, enabling them to co-create the most critical areas such as Team Purpose, Vision & Values, whilst consulting them on others, meaning they were involved , but were able to be out in the field doing their day jobs.

With help from ICS we were able to significantly accelerate team formation and create a culture that was optimal for the business. We’ve moved from three regional sales teams working in silo, to one powerful commercial team, in a really short period of time.

Most importantly, with our increased focus and creation of an ambitious and compelling 3-year plan, that the whole team understand and believe in, were growing at 30% versus last year.

You can build great relationships AND deliver stellar results – if you know the right people!

Thanks again ICS.

Tim Wright

Commercial Director

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