I invited James in to KP to help me integrate my new team. I was new to the business and we had also just made some recent acquisitions, so it was critical to bring us all together as a unified team.

I’d seen James deliver Insights Discovery in my time at Britvic Soft Drinks and knew he’d be great with my new team.

Insights Discovery was already in place across the KP business, but the Marketing Department had used a different profiling tool. The impact of this was that whilst everyone else in the business was talking one ‘language’, we were talking another. It also hadn’t landed as well as Insights Discovery and it wasn’t as simple or intuitive to use.

James was briefed to take our extended Marketing Team of thirty-six members through a half-day team discovery day at Legoland. We had an identified theme and some specific outcomes to achieve, which James did a great job of incorporating into the day.

The session was a huge success and James got some fantastic feedback. It was enlightening, fun, practical and interactive.

As a result of the day we are now building stronger relationships with each other and the broader business. We’ve adopted the language of Insights Discovery and are finding it easier to understand and challenge each other in a collaborative manner.

Post-event James checked-in with us to ensure the concept was being embedded and sent us a tool-kit to keep it alive and kicking.

Thanks ICS.

Kevin McNair

Marketing Director

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