Working with James and ICS has revolutionised our business. When I took over as CEO in 2018, the business was struggling for various reasons; we had little direction, were struggling to bring in new clients, as well as having a poor organisational culture and low employee engagement. I initially reached out to James through a recommendation from a business partner, for help in raising the spirit of the team & better connecting us.

Over the next 3 months James helped me understand the thoughts & feelings of the staff, through simple and effective diagnostics, which showed us a clear path to making progress against our identified challenges.

He then encouraged us to complete individual Insights Discovery profiles, which we debriefed and explored at our first team get-together, facilitated by ICS. The result was remarkable, through the tool and facilitation we learned so much about each other and ourselves. We started to connect in a way that we hadn’t before and had a new level of understanding, trust and awareness. It also gave us a new language, that has helped us work better together and be much more candid with each other. Spirits were raised immediately, as employees felt invested in and could see the culture we were trying to create.

Over the subsequent months, James helped me to shape a fresh and compelling, Purpose, Vision and Values, as well as a powerful and ambitious 3-year plan. We brought this to life in an off-site meeting and captured the input & feedback from employees to ensure they understood and connected to our new found aspiration. This process was invaluable as the team felt that they were involved in the creation of these key elements and have really embraced them.

As a result of working with ICS (which we continue to do) I would say that very quickly we got closer to our people, became much clearer on our proposition and strategy and transformed the culture of the business.

We’ve also, with the help of ICS, recently restructured the organisation and are enjoying our strongest year in almost a decade – thanks ICS.

Tim Watson

CEO Winpos UK

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